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Ferretti or Pershing?

Let's get carried away. Let's forget about covid19 for a moment. Where it would not be safer if not on a yacht with the family, somewhere in a bay on the Mediterranean, away from the noise and crowds.

The perfect moment begins to search for secluded and deserted places.

Croatia and Majorca - these are places where our partner Wcharter has its bases.

With an impressive fleet of comfortable, family-owned motor yachts, it is a pearl on the Polish market when it comes to availability and service in Polish. Wcharter now has, a very attractive and flexible offer. With a minimal booking deposit, it will provide its yachts with a 50% discount. To add to this a 100% return guarantee or a postponement in the event of travel difficulties, there is basically no better offer on the market.

Where? On

Ferretti, Pershing (2020 model), Sessa and Galeon make up 13 units of the Wcharter fleet.
As for the destination, we especially recommend Majorca, which is popular and underestimated by Polish sailors. This base located in the western Mediterranean offers a great diversity in the form of 4 islands, over 1000 km of coastline, 45 marinas plus of course excellent weather, i.e. 33 degrees Celsius on average and as many as 303 sunny days a year. There you will find lush natural landscapes, charming coves, azure seas, sandy beaches. A place where everyone can find something for themselves - peace and quiet or intense nightlife. Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera - all islands from the luxury yacht range.

For customers Wcharter has prepared a special offer for some of its super yachts:

Ferretti Yachts 450 - Silver I and Pershing 5x Silver II in Majorca

Whereas in Croatia hits are: Galeon 550 Fly and Pershing 5x

The full offer includes as many as 13 yachts:

At the base in Croatia Rogoznica - Marina Frapa

Pershing 5x - Innocent Wizard

Ferretti Yachts Fly 550 - Lagoon

Galleon 550 - Gremix

Ferretti Yachts Fly 450 - Betty

Sessa Marine Fly 47 - Sid One

Sessa Marine Fly 42 - Neo-Tec

Sessa Marine C35 - Jupika

In Majorca base - Cala d’Or:

Pershing 5x - Silver II

Ferretti Yachts Fly 550 - Celebre

Ferretti Yachts Fly 450 - Silver

Sessa Marine Fly 42 - Jupika II

Sessa Marine C35 - Virion I

Sessa Marine C35 - Virion II

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