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How to make a yacht skipper patent? Sailing patent step by step

If you want to charter a yacht abroad without a skipper, you need a yacht skipper patent - at least a sailing or motorboat patent. In most countries, at least one person on board must be authorized to operate a yacht.
In Poland, there are precise legal regulations that specify who can make a helmsman's patent and how the entire procedure proceeds.

It is true that after domestic waters we can swim without a patent, but only with smaller sailing units (hull up to 7.5 meters in length) or motor yachts with weaker engines (power below 10 kW or a motor yacht with a hull length up to 13 m, engine power up to 75 kW, with a design speed limit of up to 15k / h).
It is worth noting, however, that operators prefer to rent yachts to people who have confirmed some experience in driving a boat or simply have a patent. How to make a yacht skipper patent?

Sailing patent step by step

Anyone who can apply for a sailing and motorboat helmsman patent:
is over 14 years of age (minors need parental consent)
has a photo ID
made the examination fee.

Most importantly, to take the exam for a yacht sailor or motorboat helmsman license, you do not need to attend a course or training beforehand. Therefore, if we already have experience in driving yachts, all we have to do is sign up for the exam:
in the Polish Yachting Association - for a sailing patent
in the Polish Motorboat and Water Skiing Association - for a motorboat helmsman patent
The exam will verify both practical skills and theoretical knowledge related to sailing or swimming with units equipped with a motor engine.

The helmsman exam costs are fixed and amount to:

Theoretical and practical exam - 250 PLN / person (persons up to 26 years old 125 PLN / person).
Patent issued - PLN 50 / person (persons up to 26 years old - PLN 25 / person).

What skills and knowledge must a yacht skipper have?

In the practical part of the yacht skipper exam we must demonstrate, among others:
ability to maneuver a sailing / motor yacht
ability to properly operate yachts
knowledge of crew management rules and issuing commands.

Theoretical exam (75 questions, you must give 65 correct answers to pass) includes knowledge of:
maritime law and inland navigation
yacht construction
sailing theory (knowledge of courses relative to wind, yacht stability, sail operation, rudder operation, etc.)
basics of voyages (knowledge of the conditions in the water bodies, knowledge of sailing routes and infrastructure, skillful reading of maps and guides)
knowledge of water rescue rules.

Courses at the yacht skipper

As you can see, to obtain a patent for both a sailing and motorboat yacht helmsman, you must have specific skills and a fairly extensive theoretical knowledge. Therefore, even if we already have some experience with yachting, it is worth to undergo a training or course for yacht skipper before the exam.
It doesn't take too much time. You can take a course on a motorboat helmsman even during one weekend. In the case of shipping, the training takes a little longer - a minimum of 7 days of intensive training.
Helmsman courses cost from about PLN 500 to about PLN 2,300 - depending on the duration of the course, its location, type (sailing is more expensive than a motorboat) or its form, e.g. weekend, weekly, individual course or patent course sailing during the cruise.
Importantly, it is worth choosing sailing centers that can immediately organize a patent exam after completing the training. Now you know how to make a yacht skipper patent!
And if you don't have a patent for a yacht skipper yet, choose a yacht charter with a skipper on yachtGo! Get sailing experience sailing on the seas of Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy and many other countries!



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