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What to take with you?

Suitcase, trunk, backpack or maybe a bag?

As befits a sailor, it is best to pack for a cruise in a bag or sack. It is important that they are soft and packaged. Suitcases or backpacks with a frame take up a lot of valuable space and can destroy upholstery and furniture in the cockpit.

What documents should I take?

In addition to the obvious set: the ID card or passport that are required when crossing the border, e.g. to Croatia, should be taken with:

The so-called. Boarding Pass issued by yachtGo

Sailing patent and radio operator's certificate (here you will find more information)

Document confirming the conclusion of insurance (here you will find information on how to buy insurance on or eKUZ card

If you are sailing with a minor, take his Health Book too

Take also information about the name of the base and shipowner printed in English

Travel and maps - yes, there is a complete set on the yacht, but we know from experience that it is worth relying on reliable publications that you trust.

If you drive a car, of course, insurance, vignettes and a green card if you go to Dubrovnik or further. When you cross the border with Serbia not with your car (e.g. leasing), you should have an additional certificate entitling you to use the car outside the country.

Money, cash, how much?

Of course there are ATMs and exchange offices, but once you are in the marina and want to ship yourself, it's a waste of time to search nervously in the city. So protect yourself so bay before you can settle the deposit and allowances that you booked as payable on site. Check your booking here, what are the fees.

Laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

You always have 12V installation on the yacht and 230V in ports. Most units already have USB ports available, but this is not standard yet. So it is better to buy a traditional car cigarette lighter plug 12V (this socket has been a standard for many years) with a splitter for many USB sockets.

Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom equipment

A quilt or blanket, pillow, and sheet for each crew member is standard. Most yachts also have bedding and towels can be ordered. On the yacht, you will probably not find cleaning products, toilet paper, wipes, washers, etc.

What to take on a cruise?

Sneakers on a non-marking sole (transparent or white non-slip rubber), Note: you will pay a deposit for cleaning left marks on the deck and in the cockpit.

If you like your atmosphere in the bedroom, take bedding sheets

A storm, or something else for rain

Warm sweatshirt, e.g. fleece or windstoper technology - sometimes it blows on the sea ;-)

Cap, hat or other headgear for the sun,


flashlight - it should be on the yacht but sometimes it may not shine ;-),

batteries and / or accumulators, said 12V cigarette lighter plug with USB splitter,

camera, laptop, tablet, camera plus chargers

mobile phone with roaming), or with a free slot for an additional pre-paid SIM card, which you can buy in the country where you are sailing (we recommend this option due to the internet package)

Cosmetics, paste, brushes, sunscreen with a high UV filter (a lot :-),

swimming shoes (for stones and sea urchins),

water games equipment, fins, mask, tube, children's inflatables and sleeves

Sewing kit with a thick needle and strong thread, preferably sailing,

first aid kit (because it is on the yacht, but with only the basic range), take a lot of bandage patches, hydrogen peroxide, something for sunburn, sea sickness drugs and other anti-inflammatory

Intelligent time eaters, books, cards, board games etc.

What to buy on site?

In our opinion, it is not worth carrying things because of the luggage space and random border controls (e.g. Serbia). As a rule, well-equipped shops and supermarkets operate at marinas. If we care about time and comfort, we can order provisions with delivery on board, in Croatia, e.g. via

As for prices, for example, in Croatia or Greece the differences are small. Worse when it comes to islands and other Mediterranean countries.

In terms of shopping interest, regardless of whether you plan meals prepared on your own or frequent visits to taverns and restaurants, we recommend placing:

In addition to dairy and meat, as well as fruit and vegetables:

Pasta, rice, cereal

Sugar, salt, pepper

Snooze, nutella, honey

Oil, oil

Katchup, mustard

Water, beer, wine, tea, coffee

Sweets, jelly, pudding

Flakes, instant soups

Breakfast cereals, breads

Cosmetic and chemical things:

Paper towels, kitchen towels, toilet paper

Dishwashing liquid and sponge

Trash bags

Matches, lighter, batteries

Aluminum foil, disposable dishes (we do not recommend because of the eco)

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