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What if during a weekly charter, sailing all the time ahead?

... and not having to turn back to the marina on Wednesday?

A typical route at the yacht charter involves sailing out of the port on Sunday morning, reaching the furthest destination at the latest on Wednesday and from Thursday back, usually in the loop to "see something else". Admit

Older yachts - bargain or getting in trouble?

Manufacturers and leading brokers (such as DreamYacht) have introduced many new boats to the fleets of many operators in the last few years. We could notice this trend in Croatia, but we observe the same in Greece, Turkey and other. This means that the offer includes a large selection

Sibenik Region

The Šibenik shipping area offers a fairly wide range of attractions and experiences.

Šibenik is located near Zadar, in a picturesque bay at the mouth of the river Krka, dominated by the fortress of St. Nicholas. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Eastern Adriatic.

What to take with you?

Suitcase, trunk, backpack or maybe a bag?

As befits a sailor, it is best to pack for a cruise in a bag or sack. It is important that they are soft and packaged. Suitcases or backpacks with a frame take up a lot of valuable space and can

Do you need a skipper?

Certainly when you want to sail but you do not have permission.

Or maybe you want to visit interesting places, coves, anchorages, small ports or small restaurants far away from great tourism?

Whatever the reason, there is no problem. We are happy to help you choose the skipper.

Marina Trogir

Marina ACI Trogir offers a lot of mooring space, several restaurants and quite good sanitary conditions. You will also find databases of the largest operators. Among others, Wypoint (our partner's base). A stay in the port, whether on a yacht or on the waterfront, offers an amazing view of

Required permissions


A minimum sailing patent is required for a yacht helmsman, yacht helmsman or motorboat patent for motorboat helmsman, senior motorboat helmsman AND radio operator certificate (SRC)
or the Croatian patent Voditelj Brodice. You can make it on the spot in Croatia.

In some cases, usually


It is obvious that when you go on vacation the weather is important. But when you think about sailing, weather is a basic indicator determining how and where to plan a cruise. Since the weather will rule your vacation, it is worth getting information about the forecast from reliable and

Insurance for trip cancellation

First minute deals look great, but booking a flight a few months in advance may seem risky.

Life is a constant change, what surprises us all the time, our requirements and circumstances change. How to plan a cruise chartered yacht well in advance, the more that a reservation fee is

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