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Do you need skipper?
Do you need skipper?

SkiperWhen should you think about skipper?

Certainly when you want to sail but you do not have permission.

Or maybe you want to visit interesting places, coves, anchorages, small ports or small restaurants far away from great tourism?

Whatever the reason, there is no problem. We are happy to help you choose the skipper. All you need to do is choose this option when booking. If in doubt, contact us.

How to get it done?

When booking, select the appropriate option in the additional services section, and in the comment field enter your preferences as to the type of person, e.g. his temperament and other features you care about and the scope of services you expect. We will contact the operator on your behalf and provide you with comprehensive information regarding the options available to you. You can be sure that the skippers booked on our website are reliable, experienced and professional sailors who can ensure a successful holiday.

You can also organize a skipper yourself, contacting e.g. the marina or the selected operator. There are also groups of private people offering such services, but pay attention if such a person has the relevant experience and permissions. The lower price of the service can mean a compromise on quality and safety, and this is a potential risk for a great holiday.

What's next?

On site, before the start of the cruise, the skipper will ask about your expectations and this is the moment when it is worth determining what you care about the cruise itself, e.g. I put on swimming under a sail, I am moved by views, or visiting port cities, etc.

What is the skipper responsible for and what is outside its scope of services?

Skipper is responsible for proposing and arranging the route of the cruise, navigation during the cruise, port maneuvers, weather, radio, makes decisions about forced exit or entry into the port. Please remember that the skipper does not clean, prepare meals, etc. Skipper will require the rest of the crew to cooperate on board the yacht and in the port.

What language to communicate with the skipper in?

English is standard, but often also German. Plus of course his native language. There are also skippers who speak Polish. If you care for a specific language, please mark it in the comments when booking, if possible we will try to fulfill your request.

What do I have to provide and how much does it cost?

Skipper should be fed and provided with a place to sleep.

When it comes to food, we simply include an additional person when shopping and preparing meals. Usually the skipper is involved in kitchen tasks on a par with the crew, but it depends on how you make an appointment. The norm is that when we go to a restaurant and invite a skipper with us, we also pay his bill.

The cost of renting a skipper is around 120 to 150 Eur / day, but with our help you can negotiate a lower rate.

What yacht will be right?

When planning a swim with a skipper, it's best to rent a unit with a dedicated sleeping area. As a rule, yachts over 46 feet in length and catamarans over 42 feet have such mini-cabins, sometimes with an associated toilet.

In case of difficulties in choosing the optimal yacht, please contact us, we'll be happy to help.

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