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First charter
First charter

With YachtGo it will be easy and fast!

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can skip the following paragraph (see the required permissions for popular water bodies).

Do you want to sail but you don't have permission?

No problem. We can help you choose the right skipper. All you have to do is select this option when booking and enter your preferences as to the character, gender, etc. in the comment field. On site, before the start of the cruise, the skipper will ask about your expectations and this is the moment when it is worth determining what you care about the cruise itself (swimming, views, visiting port cities, etc.).

Skipper is responsible for proposing and arranging the route of the cruise, navigation during the cruise, port maneuvers, weather, radio, makes decisions about forced exit or entry into the port. Please remember that the skipper does not clean, prepare meals, etc. Skipper will require the rest of the crew to cooperate on board the yacht and in the port. Important information is that the skipper should be fed and provided with a place to sleep.

When it comes to boarding the skipper, we simply include an additional person when shopping and preparing meals. Usually the skipper is involved in kitchen tasks on a par with the crew, but it depends on how you make an appointment.

The cost of renting a skipper is around 120 to 150 Eur / day, but with our help you can negotiate a lower rate.

When planning a swim with a skipper, it's best to rent a unit with a dedicated sleeping area. As a rule, yachts over 46 feet in length and catamarans over 42 feet have such mini-cabins, sometimes with an associated toilet. In case of difficulties contact us, we'll be happy to help you choose the optimal yacht.

You have sufficient permissions.

... but you don't feel confident yet? We recommend starting with a smaller unit. Don't worry, we'll organize a short maneuvering training for you before the start of the cruise. Just let us know via the reservation form or call. Usually such training takes place on Sunday morning, the time to be agreed on site. Charge: no or symbolic amount on the spot. We all want you to spend your vacation without unnecessary stress.

What yacht to start with?

A smaller yacht under 40 feet is easier to handle and maneuver. Don't be afraid of catamarans. They are even more maneuverable when maneuvering, with slightly worse visibility, but at the same time safer in shipping, thanks to the large deck and no tendency to sudden tilts.

Pay attention to the equipment. The thruster in a single-hull yacht will definitely be useful, as will rolled sails. The chart plotter should be in the cockpit. Automatic winch will also facilitate your work. A comfortable dinghy with a motor will be responsible for comfort, apart from the right amount of bedrooms and toilets. Require it as standard. You can usually count on the engine for free. If you do not plan to have your own internet (you can buy pre-paid cards with a limit of even 1TB in Croatia), check if the operator provides Wifi on the yacht. Often, you should pay extra for this option as standard, but with our help you can get it as an additional bonus.

If you are a fan of motor yachts, you should consider a unit with a lower engine power to start with. In the next cruise you will focus only on speeding in the slide, but this time give yourself a chance to learn what motor sailing is and learn the basics on minor mistakes and mishaps.

When to plan your first charter?

Preferably off-peak season. Less collision risk, less stressful situations at port maneuvers. It is easier to find a convenient mooring. However, when you are decided on a holiday in the July-August summit, assume that in many situations more experienced will anticipate you. We book cruises on a weekly basis, starting Saturday at approx. 15th, passing the yacht next Saturday from early morning around 10am. It is worth returning to the port on Friday evening, because latecomers often have additional fees for each hour of delay.

What water area?

For starters, resolute Croatia. Good sailing infrastructure, densely spaced ports and bays will allow you to easily plan your route. Ports and marinas are clean and tidy, and attractive places to visit are enough for a few weeks - see more about Croatia.

If you are coming to Croatia by plane, choose around Trogir (near Split airport) or Dubrovnik. Starting a cruise around Šibenik or Split gives you the opportunity to choose your destination depending on the weather conditions. You can go north or south and there are many attractions waiting for you everywhere.

What will the cost of a weekly charter in Croatia be?

TThe price of the entire event, of course, includes travel, food, fuel, as well as yacht charter and mooring. The good news is that in recent years there has been a large supply of new yachts. Prices have not increased during this time, and in addition there are regular charter bargains with a large discount. On our site, we always recommend boats optimal in terms of value for money. They are often already several years old yachts in very good condition, but at a price much lower than comparable fresh models.

When it comes to meals, yachts already 36 feet (11 m) and above usually offer at least 2 refrigerators, a comfortable kitchen and running, warm water. Preparing meals on your own is not a problem, and the cost of such organized meals will be similar to prices in Poland. In larger cities, it is worth going to a large supermarket, where you can buy food efficiently and at a good price for almost the whole week. The marinas provide transport carts, so you can comfortably transport everything from the trunk of your car or taxi to the yacht.

Mooring and fuel costs should be between 300 and 500 Eur / week. In addition, we pay on the spot from 80 to 250 Eur depending on the yacht class, the so-called Transit-Log, it is a package of services related to the release and receipt of the yacht.

When preparing funds, remember about the obligatory deposit. Usually between 100 and 3000 Eur depending on the class of the yacht. If you want the deposit to be collected by charging your card, check beforehand whether it is possible. The standard form is cash paid on site. Larger operators offer the option of purchasing additional insurance, in which case no deposit will be required. The cost of such insurance is from 100 to 400Eur depending on the class of the yacht.

What permissions are required in Croatia?

A yacht helmsman or older motorboat helmsman (currently a yacht helmsman) is required. Sometimes a patent of a yacht sailor or motorboat helmsman is sufficient. In Croatia, you must have an additional FM license (the so-called Short Range Certificate). In other countries, it is not required in principle, but for your own safety it is good to complete the SRC course and have a license. You can find more information here.

How to charter a yacht?

You can do it online in three steps, it won't take you more than a few minutes.

Find the right yacht using our search engine

Register, choose additional options, take advantage of the package insurance and confirm the reservation

In the next 3 days make an advance payment - the yacht and unforgettable cruise are already yours.

You will pay the rest of the price later, up to 30 days from the date of departure. We will remind you about it.

What to do with my car?

You will have the choice of a paid car park at the marina 5 to 10Eur / day or city parking in larger towns. When you arrive early enough in the morning, you can count on a free place in the marina area or in the city, as long as there is no city fee (check it carefully before you decide on this option).

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