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It is obvious that when you go on vacation the weather is important. But when you think about sailing, weather is a basic indicator determining how and where to plan a cruise. Since the weather will rule your vacation, it is worth getting information about the forecast from reliable and

Some information about Croatia

You already know Croatia, you lay on a warm beach and drank white wine from the Vugawa strain from the island of Vis, whose refreshing sweetness has already deigned the ancient inhabitants of this region. That's how you became part of world history. If you remember it, then you

Required permissions


A minimum sailing patent is required for a yacht helmsman, yacht helmsman or motorboat patent for motorboat helmsman, senior motorboat helmsman AND radio operator certificate (SRC)
or the Croatian patent Voditelj Brodice. You can make it on the spot in Croatia.

In some cases, usually

Do you need a skipper?

Certainly when you want to sail but you do not have permission.

Or maybe you want to visit interesting places, coves, anchorages, small ports or small restaurants far away from great tourism?

Whatever the reason, there is no problem. We are happy to help you choose the skipper.

What if during a weekly charter, sailing all the time ahead?

... and not having to turn back to the marina on Wednesday?

A typical route at the yacht charter involves sailing out of the port on Sunday morning, reaching the furthest destination at the latest on Wednesday and from Thursday back, usually in the loop to "see something else". Admit

1 + 1 week offer for free is still valid

In Inter - Yachting they have only 9 yachts, but they have prepared a really interesting offer for you. Their Bavarie Cruiser from 37 to 51 and Sun Odyssey from 45 to 50 are priced at the high season with a 28% discount only on

As if

Ferretti or Pershing?

Let's get carried away. Let's forget about covid19 for a moment. Where it would not be safer if not on a yacht with the family, somewhere in a bay on the Mediterranean, away from the noise and crowds.

The perfect moment begins to search for secluded and deserted

Season in Croatia is starting already 30 Maj

The official start of the tourist season in Croatia from May 30.
May 30 is no accident, because Saturday is a typical charter start day. Official announcement that EU citizens can come to Croatia without being obliged to quarantine!

To take care of tourists as best as possible, the

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