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Required permissions


A minimum sailing patent is required for a yacht helmsman, yacht helmsman or motorboat patent for motorboat helmsman, senior motorboat helmsman AND radio operator certificate (SRC)
or the Croatian patent Voditelj Brodice. You can make it on the spot in Croatia.

In some cases, usually

Do you need a skipper?

Certainly when you want to sail but you do not have permission.

Or maybe you want to visit interesting places, coves, anchorages, small ports or small restaurants far away from great tourism?

Whatever the reason, there is no problem. We are happy to help you choose the skipper.

What to take with you?

Suitcase, trunk, backpack or maybe a bag?

As befits a sailor, it is best to pack for a cruise in a bag or sack. It is important that they are soft and packaged. Suitcases or backpacks with a frame take up a lot of valuable space and can

Season in Croatia is starting already 30 Maj

The official start of the tourist season in Croatia from May 30.
May 30 is no accident, because Saturday is a typical charter start day. Official announcement that EU citizens can come to Croatia without being obliged to quarantine!

To take care of tourists as best as possible, the

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