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How can coronavirus threat affect sailing holidays?

The situation related to the threat of a virus is changing dynamically and today nobody can say with certainty when it will stabilize.

How to think about vacation, charter and sailing in such conditions?

Meanwhile, the entire market, not only related to sailing, is outdoing itself in

Ferretti or Pershing?

Let's get carried away. Let's forget about covid19 for a moment. Where it would not be safer if not on a yacht with the family, somewhere in a bay on the Mediterranean, away from the noise and crowds.

The perfect moment begins to search for secluded and deserted

Season in Croatia is starting already 30 Maj

The official start of the tourist season in Croatia from May 30.
May 30 is no accident, because Saturday is a typical charter start day. Official announcement that EU citizens can come to Croatia without being obliged to quarantine!

To take care of tourists as best as possible, the

The borders of Croatia are open to tourists!

This means that our port staff and all our yachts, who have patiently waited in readiness, can finally welcome everyone who wants to start their sailing adventure on the yacht with family and friends.


To celebrate the opening of the bases, most operators launched special offers. A good example

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